Foot Care Products for Sale

Central Foot Clinic is proud to offer a full range of podiatric products to help our patients enjoy active, engaged lives. Whether you’re visiting our clinic in downtown Winnipeg, you’re sure to find a product that helps alleviate your foot pain.

We’re proud to carry:

Pedifix Products

  • Visco-Gel
  • Mesh gel tubing
  • Glasmart toe separators

Powerstep Products

  • Heat moldable custom insoles
  • Pro-tech arch support
  • Slim tech arch supports

Arch Angles

Children’s insoles

DARCO Products

  • MedSurg™ post-operative shoes
  • Body Armor night splint

Infracare Products

Cold feet socks

3-Point Products

Toe loops

Custom Made Orthotics

  • Paragon orthotic lab
  • Precision orthotic lab